Amongst their many other beneficial properties, magnesium alloys and compounds are noted for being light in weight.

This has led to materials, and the products made from them to become known as maglites - sometimes generically and often with the word, or variants of it, incorporated into trademarks, brand names etc. Variations, often colloquially used interchangeably, include mag lite and mag-lite.


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Merck Maglite®

is a reactive magnesium oxide in various grades. Y is a heat-resistent elastomer with applications in jet aircraft tyres. D,K and M grades ar similarly suited to speciality product or processing needs of different elastomers. magnesium oxide catalysts, more on Maglite®

Axis Maglites  

  Maglites is a term commonly used to refer to alloy wheels on cars in general.

MagLite is specifically a style of wheel made by the manufacturer Axis and these are commonly referred to as mag-lites or maglites: e.g. ' I recently acquired some axis maglites on the new car I got'. See also entry in,, Axis Mag Lite performance wheels, Wheelstudio etc.

Lenso Maglites

Another manufacturer with a Maglite model is Lenso. Go to and enter maglite in the search box.
Other Maglites at . Buy Lenso Maglites here
Mag-Lite iii collection

Magnifying Lights 

The word maglite is also used colloquially as an abbreviation to refer to magnifying lights - the type of desk or work-bench light which incorporates a magnifying lens. Probably because of this common useage it is also applied as the name for specific models by some manufacturers: Mag-Lite Collection, and more at this url.

mag lite turbo trainer


The qualities of strength and lightness make magnesium alloys ideal for a variety of applications in cycling (frames, hubs and rims) as well as in training aids e.g. the Elite MagLite Turbo Trainer, Maglite trainer, more MagLite trainers

Maglite hub by ProperMaglite rims, bearings , Maglite hubs, , MagLite 3 bearing, casette, hub, news of latest 2008 Maglite hub

Mag-Lite welding and soldering on Yahoo! Shopping Yahoo! Shopping: Tools & Hardware > All Welding & Soldering > Mag-Lite Welding & Soldering

"Pro MagLite Distributor: MSD took its original Pro Mag 12 distributor added some new features to build performance and subtracted three pounds to help you get down the track faster. The result is the Pro MagLite. It utilizes a magnetic pickup design with 16 rare earth magnets for rock-steady performance without recharging. It delivers 12 amps and 40000 volts worth of spark energy has a built-in rev control through 12000 rpm and uses an all-billet housing for superior durability. The Pro MagLite is compatible with MSDs crank trigger system."

"Streamlite / Maglite Batteries are specifically designed for each brand and model. Apex Battery offers a complete line of non-OEM, compatible Streamlite / Maglite Batteries. We also offer compatible replacements for most other Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. All of our products come with a 12 month warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee." More Pro MagLites


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